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What we can do for you

We will provide independent financial advice tailored specifically

for your individual needs, goals and aims.


At Mearns & Company you will receive advice on all aspects of

your finances including:


•  Savings

•  Investments

•  Pensions

•  Liabilities

•  Planning for retirement



How we do it

•  Tax

•  Estate Planning

•  Gifting

•  Trusts

•  International Advice



Initial Meeting



How we are different

Our dedicated client focus means that we will provide you with a personalised and bespoke service, tailored to your specific needs.


Our strong, technically excellent, qualified team and professional achievements mean that we can provide a quality level of advice.


We are endorsed by the Chartered Insurance Institute as a Chartered Firm, which is the mark of technical excellence in our industry.


Two of our advisers hold specialist TEP (Trusts and Estate Planning) qualifications, which is unusual in our field, as these are primarily legal qualifications.

Registered in Scotland, Company Number: SC288945                                                                     Click here to view our privacy notice

Registered office address: Anchor House, 112 Commercial Street, Edinburgh, EH6 6NF                Click here to view our complaints policy


Mearns & Company are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (reference number 465557)