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Our Fees


Our services are paid for by fee. The fee can be paid to us direct or, alternatively, it is sometimes possible to pay the fee via a product provider.


Initial Fee Estimation


After our initial meeting we will send you a letter describing the work we are proposing to do for you and telling you what we expect the cost of that to be. We will tell you if you have to pay VAT. We will not start any work for you until we have your agreement to proceed. There is no obligation to proceed following the initial meeting.


Ongoing Charging Arrangements


Thereafter we will set up a nominal account for you and all payments that we receive from you or any providers in respect of your affairs will be applied to your account. All of the time that we spend working on your affairs will be charged to your account. Our hourly rates vary depending on qualifications and experience of staff.


Your client account will be reviewed annually. If there is a debit balance we will discuss this with you and either tailor our service or ask you to pay more. If there is a credit balance we will discuss this with you to see if there is any more that we can do for you. Any remaining surplus will be allocated to fund our investment research programme.


The client account has no cash value and cannot be refunded. It can only be used as a time bank which pays for our services.

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