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Our Investment Process


Our Investment Philosophy


We believe that asset allocation is the foundation stone of all of our client portfolios.  Asset allocation is the spread between equities, cash, property, bonds and other assets, such as commodities.  Academic research, and our own experience, repeatedly shows that well designed asset allocation is the key factor that drives investment returns.


We spend time with our clients to establish their risk profile, goals, attitudes and ethical preferences, and using this information we build an asset allocation model tailored to their particular needs.  We then carefully select and recommend funds which fit with the client’s specific asset allocation requirement.


We tend to favour active fund management rather than passive as, in our experience, this provides the potential for better returns over time.  As part of our investment process we aim to fully understand the investment philosophy and stock picking criteria of the fund managers that we recommend and believe that we only recommend the absolute best, most appropriate funds, for our clients.


We take our responsibilities very seriously and never expose our clients to unnecessary high levels of investment risk.


Investment Panel


We have created a panel of around 70 investment funds which we limit our recommendations to.  To be added to our panel, a fund must be approved by our investment committee. The selection process involves:Our Investment Process


•  Using statistical analysis to identify the risk taken by the fund to achieve growth


•  Meeting the fund managers personally to understand their investment philosophy


•  Reviewing past performance and independent ratings


Our investment committee meets quarterly.  The funds on our panel are continually reviewed to ensure that they continue to meet their aims and objectives.  Where a fund no longer satisfies our criteria we remove it from our fund panel and will recommend a change for all clients invested in that fund.


 We subscribe to specialist research and investment software which means we can analyse funds in detail, including performance, asset allocation, fund breakdown and sector weightings.  We also compare our client’s portfolios to market indices and the target asset allocation for their risk profile.


Investment Review Service


We review the portfolios of our clients on a regular basis to ensure that the asset allocation continues to fit with their goals and attitudes.  Typically a formal review is conducted with each client at least once every year.


We also monitor our panel funds on a daily basis and we are very proactive when we feel that our clients should take action.  This combination of structured reviews and proactive advice provides our clients with peace of mind and confidence regarding their financial security.

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