Advising four generations

James and Wendy founded a successful business in the Central Belt over 50 years ago. Two of their children, Linda and Pauline, with the help of their partners, built on their parents’ foundations, and the business continues to thrive to this day.

James and Wendy’s third daughter, Angela, chose to pursue a different career but remains a shareholder in the family business. James and Wendy’s grandchildren are now grown up and are also pursuing successful careers and a number of them now have young and growing families of their own.

The family have worked hard over the years to create their business. They are experts in their industry but they were aware that they did not have the financial expertise needed to ensure that they had the right plans in place to make the most of their success.

Our Approach

We advised James and Wendy from 2001 until their deaths, helping them to understand their personal financial affairs by making sense of their existing investments and setting an appropriate retirement strategy. We also assisted them with Inheritance Tax planning, for example in 2002 we set up a discounted gift trust which ultimately saved the family £48,000 of tax.

We continue to meet with James and Wendy’s children, Linda, Pauline and Angela, on a regular basis to ensure that their financial investments and strategies continue to meet their goals.

Each family member has different aspirations and we make sure that the advice that we give matches their individual needs.

Linda, Pauline and Angela are now in their fifties and the focus of our conversations are changing. We are now looking at their retirement plans and advising on passing wealth to their children and grandchildren.


We have recently assisted the family to set up Junior ISAs for Isla, Jennie and Archie, the fourth generation of the family to benefit from their great-grandparents, grandparents and parents hard work.

Names and other details that could potentially identify our clients have been changed to protect their privacy.

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