Our Process

Every client is different but this section gives you a flavour of what working with us would be like.

1. When you first get in touch

When you first get in touch, whether it’s through our website, by phone or email, we always make sure that we speak with you. This lets us have a good understanding of why you are getting in contact with us and gives you an idea of what we can do to help.

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2. Initial meeting

For an initial meeting we are happy to come to your offices, welcome you to ours, or have a conference call.

In advance of this meeting we may ask for details of your employees, current schemes, and your employee benefit objectives. This lets us make sure that the meeting itself can be about you and not about admin!

This first meeting is an opportunity for you to get a feel for us and how we work. We will discuss, define, and agree what you want to achieve and establish if we can help you.

3. Our Proposal

We will draft and send a detailed proposal to you. This proposal document lays out what we will do for you and the likely cost of our services.

If you accept our proposal we will ask you to sign our client agreement before we start our work. We understand that there may be due diligence procedures that you need to perform on us before you are able to accept our proposal. We can provide standard information to help you through these processes.

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4. Implementation

The implementation work we do can involve:

  • Designing and delivering a benefits strategy that meets your corporate strategy and appeals to employees
  • Negotiating with providers to maximise the cost efficiency of your employee benefits package
  • Reviewing your current scheme for compliance with regulations and the suitability of your benefits against current market provisions
  • Assisting with communication and benefits roll-out. An effective roll-out engages employees and creates renewed interest in the overall remuneration package

5. On-going services

We perform an annual review and present this to you at a meeting. At each of these reviews we; look at your current benefits, check progress against your goals and recommend any adjustments / additions as appropriate.

We also undertake your annual scheme renewals where appropriate. You will receive a recommendation report in advance of each renewal date. This will give you enough time to consider your decision and for us to implement and renew your schemes.

We offer a tiered level of on-going service to our clients. This sets the scope of services that you would like us to undertake, for example:

  • the frequency of the market reviews we would conduct of any schemes that you might have (annually – 3 years)
  • the level of scheme administration (claims, membership changes etc)
  • the level of compliance monitoring (insurance schemes and / or pension schemes)
  • the availability of HR, Finance, and employee helpdesks
  • the level of employee communications we would deliver
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6. Access to wealth management advice

Not only do we provide advice to you as an employer, but we can also answer a wide range of queries from employees. We can offer them access to our private client team who can provide fee-based individual financial advice, where this will be of benefit to them.

Read more about the advice that we provide to our individual clients.

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