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Some words from our Founder, Margaret Mearns

“Pioneers get shot and settlers prosper.”

In the 1990s it was easy to access ‘free’ financial advice but, at times, the advice was harmful. It was difficult to find a good financial adviser and the commission that was paid then encouraged transactional, rather than ongoing, advice. There were regulations, of course, but they didn’t do enough to control the negative behaviours.

I founded Mearns & Company in 1994, but I wanted my company to be different. I wanted Mearns & Company to have a focus on advice rather than products.

I felt that there was a place for a financial advisory company delivering what I would have been searching for. A company offering excellent financial advice with a strong client focus, continuing care and service, well-trained staff, and complete integrity. I hoped that I was not alone and that there would be enough people who also wanted those things to allow my company to thrive.

Over the years clients became our advocates. They brought their family, friends and colleagues to us and we grew slowly to become the company that we are today. I am extremely proud of what Mearns & Company has achieved and the reputation that it now enjoys. I am grateful to the wonderful people: clients, employees, and supporters, who have helped along the way.

In a small way, we were pioneering in the beginning, but we managed not to get shot, and survived to become proud settlers!

Hear Margaret talk about her journey with Mearns & Company in our Founder’s video below:

Margaret Mearns

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