Cost Saving

In 2018, we saved our clients an average 19% on their insurance premiums at renewal when we carried out a market review.

Keeping on top of your insurance premiums can be taxing. Our market reviews ensure that your benefits are offering the most competitive terms for the most competitive price. Where we have made savings, on average, our review process results in a 15% cost saving at renewal for our clients.

There are many ways to reduce costs on benefits. Often, we find that insurances have been allowed to renew year on year with no scrutiny or review. Sometimes, a lack of knowledge around insurance products leads to companies with benefits that are providing inadequate cover for their employees. Most importantly, the provision of our own advice is priced at a competitive rate, meaning that we deliver exceptional value.

We can then recommend the best way to use your cost savings to boost your benefits package. This can be done by saving money on your “traditional” insurances and using this saving to provide lifestyle and wellness benefits. This means that, at the end of our consultancy process, your company can have an improved benefit offering which is potentially cost neutral.

Please note that not all employee benefits services are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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