Life Events:
Divorce, death,
windfall, and
business succession

Things happen. They often crash into your life unexpectedly. Sometimes they are exciting things like a financial windfall or marriage of a child. Sometimes they are difficult and stressful like divorce or the death of a loved one. Occasionally you will know that something is going to happen, for example you may be planning to hand a business on to the next generation or you are expecting a grandchild.

Whatever the event is, we can almost guarantee that we have dealt with it before, often many times.

We can provide candid unbiased financial advice and planning for situations like divorce, death, redundancy, inheritance or other unexpected windfalls.

Our on-going service clients benefit from us reviewing their financial affairs on a regular basis. Because of this we get to know them, and their families, and it is easy for us to help them to plan the financial aspects of an unexpected event. When a new client comes to us we have the experience to help them with whatever they are facing. It may be new and daunting for them but we know what questions to ask and what the best course of action will be.

Please have a read through our case studies to get a flavour of how we work with individuals.

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