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Pension freedoms, flexible working, the gig economy and rising life expectancy have completely transformed the way that we work and our expectations for our retirement. Some people never want to “retire” completely. Some people want to “retire” as soon as is financially possible. Everyone is different, and we all have different plans, goals and attitudes to risk.

We can help you with your retirement planning. Talking to one of our independent financial pensions advisors can help you visualise and achieve your financial future.

One of the of the most common areas of pension financial advice we advise on is how to achieve and maintain an adequate level of income after you retire. We are all living longer and people often have a whole mix of retirement investments and pensions, as well as the state pension to consider.

We provide a summary of your current pension position and set out clear steps which will help you to achieve your own retirement plans and goals. We use interactive cashflow software to show you the impact of events on your retirement income, for example

  • varying the amount of tax-free lump sum you might take,
  • retiring five years earlier than planned or
  • starting to receive the state pension.

We constantly monitor the current pension regulations, and the tax rules and reliefs available, so that we can help you make sure that you have taken advantage of any reliefs or allowances available to you, and are saving in the most tax efficient way.

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