Why do people approach us for advice?

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We recently ran a poll on LinkedIn asking “When you’re looking for a financial adviser, what are you looking for help with the most?”.  At the same time, we ran some analysis on the enquiries that we have received over the last year from individuals looking for our help.

70% of LinkedIn respondents selected either Understanding your finances or Investments advice as the main reason for getting in touch with a financial adviser and when we analysed our own enquiries we found that the reasons that people contacted us over the last year have been many and varied.  58% of our enquiries covered a broad range of topics including dealing with a windfall such as a bonus or inheritance, investments and saving, inheritance tax and estate planning, and protection measures such as critical illness or life insurance

It was also interesting to note that 30% of our poll respondents selected pensions as the reason that they would seek out a financial adviser and 42% of our enquiries received were primarily interested in pensions advice.


Every enquiry is the start of an interesting conversation, and with such a wide spectrum of advice requirements coming to us our work is always varied and rewarding.


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